Dropping some thoughts that are too real for Facebook.

you know how people say their kids or their hobby is their “pride & joy”? i always understood what that meant, but not until recently did i really get it. i was asked what my pride & joy is and was puzzled for a second at the sound of the phrase; seems like something only old people have. lol. but i came to the realization that, it’s my family. my parents & my brother, my grandma, my aunts & my few good uncles, my cousins, my grandpas (RIP)- they’re my pride & joy. ‘why?’ was the next question. because they’ve been there. they grew me. they let me be myself and still love me with an ease that’s without thought or trying because they “have to.” the truth is no one has to. you love who you love because you do & that’s it. they’ve witnessed most of my life and where they haven’t is where i’ve had my Self to guide me. very seldom do i look outside my family or myself for good feelings. but there’s a vision in my mind that warns me that one day that won’t always be so. so every day i’m grateful. & i want to spend my time learning from them & loving them for as long as i can. some people believe that you chose your family before you’re born into it, like a star in the sky, overlooking. this belief often makes me smile & laugh because if i was given the choice, i imagine i would chose people just like they are; hilarious & beautiful, yet bound for strength building tragedies. i never stand alone whether there is a body near me or not. i have my family & i have me. that’s all i want. that’s all i need.